Super duper not dadaist but dadaist as fuck.

Rasta gurl appreciation society

Its too early for you to say things.

We created jesus, and them we sacrificed him for skatan

officially Société de Vélo en Bushwick,NY.

Fuck it, we are a cliche obsessed society anyway

Surrounded by people
Completely alone


Where 5

Sept 12 - Oct 12, 2014

Where is opening its doors to anyone, to do anything.

Feel like finally selling off your Nintendo collection, booking a rock show, performing in an amoeba suit, or just taking a nap? Go ahead. Enjoy.

We can offer you a storefront with a secure roll bar gate, electricity, wifi, and a 24-hour streaming webcam. The keys are in a lockbox attached to the door. The code for the lockbox is 0824. Our address is 1397 Myrtle Avenue Unit4 Brooklyn NY

Please forward widely.

Note: Our concurrent annual fundraiser: “Big Commercial Summer Group Show Auction” ends Friday the 26th and can be accessed through the Online Auction link.